Meet Emily Rushing - Voyage Austin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Emily Rushing, one of our amazing Certified Pilates instructors.


"I’m a professional dancer and Pilates instructor in Austin. I began dancing more seriously at 14 where I danced on the drill team in high school and took ballet and jazz classes after school. I later pursued a degree in dance through UT Austin. After obtaining my BA in dance, I rigorously trained with as many local and international dance educators as I could and collaborated and performed frequently with other artists and companies, and continue to do so. I have danced in festivals, backyards, warehouses, parks and on top of buildings. Love the transformation that occurs in the creation of the work and in the space itself by stepping out of the traditional settings. Additionally, my goal has always been to connect to my community, break barriers and build up my fellow artists. I want to help break down the walls of gatekeeping on what art should and shouldn’t be and expose more of Austin to what our dance scene has to offer. "

"I currently teach contemporary dance at First Street Studio (come take class with me on Tuesday nights 7:15-8:45pm), dance with Blue Lapis Light, and teach Pilates at I Am Total Wellness. I enjoy collaborating and dancing with many local artists and companies and over the years it is nice to see the community slowly grow and blossom into a bigger scene. I like to think of myself as a facilitator and collaborator and believe in lifting fellow artists up in the community."

"Unfortunately, we continue to see a decline in dance and theater performance spaces over the years. It has forced us to be more scrappy and inventive with where we create and perform. I have my eyes set on some big goals involving starting my own dance collective and owning my own business to serve the creative community, so stay tuned!"

To learn more about Emily, read this article in Voyage Austin!


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