New Year's Resolutions: Dreadful or Delightful?

How do you approach the New Year? Do you begin with lofty, mountain moving resolutions? Do you feel obligated to improve yourself? Perhaps you dive in with excitement and joy. Or are you hesitantly dipping one tiny toe in at a time? Are you apprehensive that the water is not as warm and inviting as last year?

Maybe this year might be less than you hoped for--or was last year SO AMAZING that you're a little afraid this coming year won't measure up? Do you ignore the New Year/New You hype? Maybe you keep your eyes averted the first few weeks of the New Year, grudgingly avoiding eye contact with the self-helpers and the self-resolute, hoping no one asks about your resolutions.  

Have you ever wanted the ball in Times Square to pause? Like STOP. Just for a little while. Like ooohhhh maybe another 6 weeks (or 6 years) because things are SO good right here in this very moment?

I know, me too! I personally have felt every one of those emotions as the proverbial countdown begins and the calendar seamlessly rolls us into the New Year. Ready or not, here we go.

Several years ago I began starting the New Year with more love. Self love. I stopped piling those hefty resolutions upon myself. No longer do I make vows that feel heavy or have that not good enough energy behind them. I did this with the help of two exceptional health and life coaches: Kayla Burns Floyd and Nogie King, and it's oh, so simple!

How do you want to FEEL in the New Year? 

I invite you to pick a word, an intention or a commitment that embodies the way you want to FEEL in the New Year. Measure your actions against that feeling. Then you can totally change the energy behind your goals.

Notice which choices you make that get you closer to feeling that intention or word. This year my word is EASE. I am inviting myself to live with more EASE. I want to notice which choices in my day feel like ease, rel-ease or relaxation.

Recognize negative self-talk and replace it with loving and self-nurturing talk. Would we EVER speak to a child the way we speak to ourselves? Would we ever say, “Hey kiddo! You're a real chunky monkey. It's high time you did something about that underarm jiggle and those thunder thighs? That sounds absolutely preposterous and yet we do this to ourselves every day.

I invite you to be YOUR OWN personal cheerleader. Motivate yourself with loving, positive self-talk. Surround yourself with people that support you with positive reinforcement.

Use positive affirmations.  I AM statements are incredibly powerful! How do you use them? Do you ever tell yourself I am SO TIRED? If you say something in your mind or out loud it actually becomes so! I invite you to turn those negative thoughts around.

Recognize the feeling of being tired. (You fill in the blank.)

Decide if you want to continue to feel tired. It is absolutely OK to WANT to be tired. It is totally ok to sink into that feeling and BE with it. When you are ready and the time is right and it feels good, then you can choose something different.

Use positive affirmations and LET GO of being tired when you decide you want to feel differently.

My positive affirmations involve lots of ease. I am ease. I create financial abundance with ease. I work with ease and efficiency. I am creating energy with ease.  I achieve fitness easily and effortlessly. I stretch and move my entire spine with ease. I receive love with ease; I give love with ease.  All of these bring me happiness and a feeling of lightness.

Here's another example.  A common resolution involves weight loss. You could say to yourself, I am achieving fitness effortlessly. I am perfectly fit. I have 6-pack abs and toned arms. Whatever feels good-- say THAT! And then FEEL it when you say it to yourself. Can you imagine how every cell in your body would be vibrating if the above statements were true?

You know what else? You are absolutely perfect right in this moment. You don't have to change one thing. Believe in your own perfection. If that feels like too big of a stretch right now, I encourage you to say I am doing my best.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.  -Les Brown

Happy 2020! I am sending each of you healthy, loving thoughts and huge hugs of encouragement. I invite you to be kinder and more loving to yourself. May each of you have a FUN, HEALTHY and good FEELING year ahead!

-Abby Blackburn, D.C.


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